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2011 Nevada Section News Archive

Reno QRP logo goes here August 9, 2011 - Reno QRP Group Monthly Meeting - Next Monday, August 15th, we will have our monthly lunch meeting at the Iron Skillet Restaurant inside the Alamo/Petro Truck Stop. Location is out the east end of Greg Street in Sparks. Time is the usual -- 11:30 AM -- Bring something for show and tell, if you are so inclined, but at least bring yourself !! Hope to see lots of you.

73 Dave Ruppert KF7BNO

ARES logo goes here July 19, 2011 - ARES SEC Monthly Report for June 2011 - With June comes summer and wildland fire season, so please be on your toes and ready at all times. On that note, I will be soon sending out a state of drill and exercise notice for all ARES/RACES members which covers us for all of the reasons that we should be prepared for and ready to activate should the need arise. The DEC s and/or EC s will be distributing this to all members soon. Please read it carefully, and print out a copy of it to carry in your vehicle along with your go kits so that you have it on hand for reference. You may also wish to print out, highlight specifics that cover Amateur Radio of SB-140 just in case it may be needed. Thanks again to Tim O Shea, KY7Y as SGL for all of his hard work and information about it. You can contact Tim for all of the specifics of the bill if you don t already have them.

Bob Miller, WA6MTY reports that equipment has been shipped to most if not all of the hospitals (NHA) around the state. Therefore hospitals may be reaching out to ARES teams around the section for help with installation of the gear they will receive. Please note that it is IMPERATIVE that these installations must NOT be done as ARES , but if individuals wish to do this, they are acting on their own and must coordinate this with the hospitals as INDIVIDUALS ONLY, thus not representing ARES while doing so. Bob is preparing a hold harmless document which may be used when engaging in these activities. This is for liability purposes. These forms will also be distributed as needed.

That's it for now, thanks for all of your help and support. 73! -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM Nevada Section EC.

SOUTHERN DISTRICT REPORT- - Jay Peskin, KE7EGO, DEC Comments: June was another quiet month for Southern Nevada; however, it looks like July might make up for it. We've had several days of thunderstorm weather with flood warnings and watches. We did get some rain and naturally, some minor flooding. There were a couple of areas that were without power for a while but no activations for us. It may be a busy July for Skywarn.

Clark County EC Bill Smith, W7HMV reports: I attended an emergency preparedness "open house" at the Mount Charleston volunteer fire department at the invitation of Irene Navis, the Clark County Emergency Manager. About 200 people attended. I also programmed radios at three hospitals and visited another hospital prior to the installation of their amateur radios. It was another quiet month as far as incidents or events.

South Nye County, GERRY, KC6ILH comments: Skywarn is so much fun. You can talk on your radio while you are driving. Hope all had a great Field Day. Muggy weather is not fun at all. Keep your batteries charged, and hydrate.

North Nye County, Randy, KB7TRI comments: Next month I hope to be able to report the installation of the Nye Regional ham equipment.

NORTHWEST DISTRICT REPORT - Don Carlson, KQ6FM NW District EC Comments: With summer in full swing, there are lots of rides and events that we will be doing around the area. These are great opportunities to keep our skills sharp. Check with the EC in your area for what is happening and all of the particulars. There are also several license in one day sessions going on, especially in Washoe County (see Bob s report below looks like June testing was a success again). Check with Bob Miller, for sign up and info. Remember that it's wildfire season and there have already been fires that agencies have responded to, so please be prepared, and stay alert. Thanks for always being there, and your efforts are very much appreciated as always. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM NW District EC and NV Section Emergency Coordinator.

Douglas County, Dale Yanz, KJ6IX, EC - Comments: During the month of June we had two local events the AMBBR bike ride around Lake Tahoe, Ca with over 2500 riders, And the Alta Alpina Ride. Both of these event DCART members helped with communication. At our DCART meeting for June the STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONS PLAN was presented to the general members of DCART.

Churchill County EC, John Hughes, Comments: No report this month.

Carson City County David Law, N7TNX Comments: No report this month,

Washoe County EC Bob Miller, WA6MTY Comments: Tim KY7Y AEC Washoe County presided over the meeting and updated members on membership requirements. Discussed Hamlink WebEOC Station Training KY7Y and KE7QHN giving a general overview and familiarization with the system. Dr. Todd coordinated a valley wide VHF/UHF simplex/repeater testing for dead areas at approximately 14 of the medical POD locations in the county with the Regional EOC and Washoe County Health District office. Team members were deployed to each location and will submit their test results at next meeting. After the ARES training, Randy Todd KE7QHN worked with the WebEOC team and held some D-Star equipment training. June 11, Arlan KA7ZAU, Steve N7KP, Jim KD7DPW, Rick KF7KEM and I moved the contents of the VA Radio Room into storage until the new room is complete. June 18th Tim KY7Y coordinated the VE testing and we have 3 new Technicians and 4 new Generals.

Pershing County Ed Maynard, KE7QHM Comments: Went to Humbolt County ARES twice for training. There is still no movement with the radio system for Pershing couty Hospital. I was out of town when the train wreck happened.

Humboldt County Pete Johnsen, Comments: Humboldt County ARES meeting revolved around ICS-213. Field Day was hosted by WW7G at his Paradise Ranchos property. Barry- W7BOM met with the Pershing County community group to talk about amateur radio, ARES and community involvement.

Lyon County, Patty Polish, KE7JIO EC. Comments: No Report this month.

NORTHEAST DISTRICT REPORT - Michael Fitzsimmons, KB1FLT, DEC Comments:
  1. The Elko Amateur Radio Club held their annual Field Day event at the National Weather Service in Elko. Twenty-one members and non-members participated in or stopped by to view the activites. A total of 682 contacts were amde during the event. Close to 85 man hours were involved in the set up, contacting and take down of the equipment for Field Day. All contacts were made utilizing solar power.
  2. The town of Ely, Nevada has a new amateur radio club called the Live Wires.
  3. The Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital continues to make slow progress for installation of amateur radio equipment. The hospital is looking into a bonded electrical contractor for the installation. Updates will be provided during the next several months.
  4. Michael Fitzsimmons, KB1FLT has accepted the DEC appointment for the Northeast District.
  5. Over the next few months, will be trying to promote interest in a couple Emergency Coordinator positions in northeast and east central Nevada.

ARES logo goes here June 19, 2011 - ARES SEC Monthly Report for May 2011 - - EMCOMMWEST 2011 is now in the history books, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Lots of compliments on the forums and speakers, so kudos to all who helped to make us shine again this year. Our special guest Mike Corey, W5MPC Emergency Response Planning Manager from ARRL HQ in Newington, our keynote speaker, and former League President Jim Haynie, W5JBP, who was our banquet speaker from Dallas both expressed how pleased they were and that they too had a wonderful time. It was great to have them both join us this year.

We held our cabinet meetings and while not everyone was there, we did get a great deal done and are on our way toward updates for our Section Emergency Plan. As I write this, we still have no complete resolution on the pending SB-140 (Cell phone ban bill) where we have tried to educate our legislators on why Amateur Radio should be exempted, as has been the case in ALL other states with similar laws now on the books. I would like to thank those who worked hard to help us make our presentations, including SM Joe Giraudo, N7JEH; NW District PIO, Tim O Shea, KY7Y, and Clark County EC, Bill Smith, W7HMV and ASEC Dick Creley, KJ7UK who all provided lots of needed input. Our SGL Tim O Shea KY7Y will keep us informed and we should have a final on that for next month's report. Please remember to check in on our statewide ARES nets: HF on Saturday morning at 0800 on 3.965 mhz. and Thursday evening for the VOIP Net, using IRLP/Echolink at 1900. If you do not have a local repeater on node 9258 to access, you may log in via echolink NV-gate 152566. That s it for now, thanks for all of your help and support. 73! -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM Nevada Section EC.


From Gerry, KC6ILH: Enjoyed EMCOMM and my road trip. Slow month ARES wise. Getting ready for summer and Field Day. Do not forget the water and to hydrate when out in the field.

Bill, W7HMV reports that May was a quiet month for us, with only our scheduled weekly nets and three meetings: LEPC, MCP Rodeo Post-Exercise Review and an interview with a consulting agency hired by Clark County to identify interoperability issues. The School District has made some progress on their EOC...they finally got around to putting up a shelf to mount the radios. Unfortunately, they put it in upside down. However, now that school is out, I should be able to finish them up and bring them online by the end of June.

NORTHWEST DISTRICT REPORT - Don Carlson, KQ6FM NW District EC and NV Section Emergency Coordinator Comments: Well, it's spring, but sometimes you wouldn't know it by the weather. It's been pretty strange this year. Lots of snow and then some quick runoff melting means we will have to be on our toes for the possibility of flooding down the road (or stream) a bit. Currently planning is still underway in several area drills and exercises. I know that several Counties are gearing up, and preparing for several rides which they will provide comms for. If you can participate in any of these, please contact your county EC or check into some of the local nets for more information.

We have another new EC this month for Carson City. Please welcome David Law, N7TNX to our leadership team. In my memory this is the first time we've had an EC in Carson, so this is a great addition to our efforts. David will be working on forming a team there to support our Northwest District efforts. Thanks David for stepping up and joining us. It will be s short report this month, as we have only 2 EC reports submitted. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM NW District EC and NV Section Emergency Coordinator.

Douglas County, Dale Yanz, KJ6IX, EC - Comments: No Report this month.

Churchill County EC, John Hughes, Comments: No report this month.

Carson City County David Law, N7TNX Comments: No report this month, but look forward to hearing from David in his new position.

Washoe County EC Bob Miller, WA6MTY Comments: EMCOMM West on May 7th, was the ARES training for May. On May 17th we held a Ham Cram at VA Medical Center and now VA has 6 new Hams on staff. Arlan KA7ZAU and Tim KY7Y working with Tamicha Williams, Emergency Preparedness coordinator for VA medical Center to prepare to move the radio room in the hospital.

Pershing County Ed Maynard, KE7QHM Comments: No Report this month.

Humboldt County Pete Johnsen, Comments: Training continues via Dick KD7MIO (many thanks Dick!). All weekly net activity is conducted simplex by way of Net Control Barry-W7BOM. Thanks to all participating!

Lyon County, Patty Polish, KE7JIO EC. Comments: No Report this month.

NORTHEAST DISTRICT REPORT - Michael Fitzsimmons, KF1ELT - Look for future reports and news from our new NW District DEC! Again, welcome Michael, 73!

Nevada state seal goes here June 17, 2011 - SB140 Passes into Law
Tim O'Shea KY7Y, Nevada State Government Liaison (SGL) writes: This afternoon, Governor Brian Sandoval signed SB140 into law. See the final bill verbiage at This law will take effect on January 1, 2012. Until that time, law enforcement officers may stop and warn motorists regarding the use of Cell phones and texting. This law will save lives on Nevada highways, and that is a good thing.

Amateur Radio operators may NOT use mobile radios with microphones that have the capability to control the radio, such as change frequencies, bands etc. The use of HT's are also prohibited. Using a mobile radio with ONLY a Push to Talk switch on the microphone is acceptable.

Amateur Radio Operators MAY use Cell Phones ONLY during exercises or drills, or in actual disasters or emergency situations while operating a motor vehicle.

This legislative process has been a busy and time consuming process for me personally, along with a few others in Nevada. I'd like to thank Joe Giraudo N7JEH for his leadership and support. In addition the counsel and support of Don Carlson KQ6FM and Bill Smith W7HMV have been outstanding. Amateur Radio operators in Nevada have been very responsive in contacting their legislators regarding this bill. Senator Shirley Breeden commented that in the beginning, "
they had no idea who amateur radio operators were, but they sure do now."

At this point in time, the ARRL Nevada leadership will study what actions or recourse might be available to amateur radio operators in Nevada. We will inform everyone of any plans for the future relating to this bill and the new law.

As a reminder, Amateur Radio is being attacked at all levels, not just here in Nevada, but around the country. If amateur radio operators do nothing, our spectrum will begin to erode and disappear faster than we realize. Currently in Congress, HR607 is working its way through the process, that may take away portions of the 70cm band. In Storey County, Nevada, we have a ham who has been battling the County for some time regarding his amateur radio towers.

In this regard, please remember the ARRL's Spectrum Defense Fund, which lobbies for the rights of amateur radio. You may learn about this fund at Let me take an opportunity to say this. Some may have issues with the ARRL and I understand this. I may not agree on all the opinions of the League. However, there is NO OTHER ORGANIZATION that fights the good fight for amateur radio. In this regard, please consider supporting the fund.


Tim O'Shea KY7Y

Nevada State Government Liaison (SGL)

ARES logo goes here June 13, 2011 - We have a new DEC for the Northeast District. - He is Michael Fitzsimmons, KB1ELT who's appointment if effective immediately. His email address is Michael works with the WX Service office in Elko and has been our ADEC for some time now.

73 de Don Carlson, KQ6FM
ARRL Life Member
NV Section SEC / PIC

Nevada state seal goes here May 31, 2011 -

Amateur Radio Still Under Attack!

Time to Write Governor Sandoval!

Tim O'Shea KY7Y, Nevada State Government Liaison (SGL) writes: The Nevada State Assembly has voted in favor of SB140 purely along party lines. The vote was 24-17 in favor of approval. It seems that one side wanted this bill to pass and the other wanted the bill, but desired changes or modifications to the bill.

In any case, the bill goes back to the State Senate for approval of an exemption for NvEnergy. The Senate will likely pass the bill without debate. From there it will go to the Governor.

Governor Sandoval can do one of three things:
  1. Sign the bill
  2. Not sign the bill (if he does not sign, the bill will become law automatically)
  3. He can veto the bill
I have asked Governor Sandoval to veto this bill, because of the restrictions squarely placed on Amateur Radio.

Should Governor Sandoval veto this bill, it will automatically go back to the Assembly and Senate for reconsideration. To override the veto, each house would have to vote to pass the bill with a 2/3 majority, which is very unlikely. Both the Senate and Assembly could then insert the exemption that amateur radio desires and return to the Governor for approval.

If amateur radio operators wish to freely operate their amateur radios, I would suggest an all out effort to convince Governor Sandoval to veto this bill in its current form. If you desire to contact the Governor, you can accomplish this in the following manner:

  • Via Email: and fill out the email form

  • You can also fax the Governor at his office: (775) 684-5683

  • Letters:
    Governor Brian Sandoval
    State Capitol
    101 N. Carson Street
    Carson City, NV 89701

    Letters, emails and faxes must reach the Governor’s Office as soon as possible. If the 9,000 amateur operators in Nevada speak loudly, the Governor may take action.

    Please remember, Amateur Radio DOES support the Cell Phone/Texting portion of this bill to save lives.


    Tim O'Shea KY7Y
    Nevada State Government Liaison (SGL)

  • Nevada state seal goes here May 24, 2011 - Time to Write Your Assemblyman! -
    SB-140 has come out of committee with a do pass vote. The next step for this piece of legislation is a vote on the floor of the Nevada Assembly.

    Now is the time to call and write your assembly representatives to let them know that you want this bill defeated in its present state. There is an exemption for Amateur Radio operation during actual emergencies and drills. The bill sponsor, Senator Breeden has not been able to grasp that the amateur community continuously tests their circuit during drive time, evaluating repeater condition and HF propagation. Amateur radio also helps reduce accidents during the long drives across our spar sly populated state. We constantly "talk drivers across" the lonely eastern stretch of I-80 during winter storms and dark nights. You can find the e-mail address, and telephone numbers by doing a search for "Nevada Legislature". Assembly persons have full contact information on the site.


    Joe N7JEH

    Nevada state seal goes here May 13, 2011 - Legislation As of May 13, 2011 -
    ARRL Nevada section SGL Tim O'Shea KY7Y reports:

    Yesterday, the Assembly Transportation Committee met on hearings for SB140. First of all, thanks to the 35 hams that showed up in support of SB140. Your support was awesome and it did impress the committee. A Hundred or two would have been much better! For the committee, I spoke to them on the major points of SB140. This included:

    1. The language of the bill that was restrictive to amateur radio operators. In Section 1, Sentence 8, the proposed language would not allow amateur radio operators to use the standard issued microphones that are supplied with most amateur radio mobile units. The sponsor of the bill felt that all of the buttons on the mike are a distraction to drivers, therefore they are prohibitive. Mikes with only a PTT switch are OK. HT's are prohibited and may not be used. I fully explained that HT's are not cell phones, nor are they texting devices. For the most part, it made no difference.

    2. I spoke on the lack of evidence (any evidence) that exists that demonstrated that operating an amateur radio in any form is dangerous, or has a history of accidents, crashes or death involving amateur radio. None.

    3. I presented evidence from the National Safety Council confirming the "no accident" history of amateur radio, and more specifically that the NSC did not recommend restrictive legislation on amateur radio (or two ways radios) or bans.

    4. I also presented letters from Nevada's two largest counties Emergency Mangers (Clark and Washoe) asking for an exemption for amateur radio.

    5. And I answered a number of questions from the committee regarding amateur radio.

    6. At the conclusion of the hearing, I met with Senator Breeden D-Las Vegas (bill sponsor) who basically does not want anything in the hands of a driver. One of her last comments was that amateur radio operators do nothing more than "chit-chat".

    7. Dee Arnold KA7LOZ also spoke on the importance of amateur radio mobile operations, particularly as it pertains to Skywarn and the National Weather Service.

    8. Gary Grant K7VY spoke to the committee on the importance of amateur radio in general, the Official Observer program.

    9. Other hams made similar comments.
    My impression is that Senator Breeden was not moved for all intents and purposes. We will have to see how the assembly votes. Many of the committee members do support amateur radio. One of the Assemblyman even asked to take pictures of all the hams after the hearings.

    Even though we may have friends on the committee, we don't know if we have a large enough group to defeat the bill. If it fails, the bill essentially dies. If it passes, then it goes to the Governor. He has five days to sign the bill, veto the bill, or take no action. If he takes no action, after five days it automatically passes.

    I can convey that we are working behind the scenes to make our case, and we are hopeful and are fighting on.

    Tim O'Shea KY7Y
    Nevada State Government Liaison

    Nevada state seal goes here April 25, 2011 - Legislation As of April 25, 2011 - The Nevada Senate has re-written SB140 on two occasions because of the efforts of your Nevada Section Leadership Team, ARRL representatives and your letters and e-mails.

    The new bill language allows Amateur Radio Operators to operate their mobile and handheld radios from their vehicles. It is not the language that we wanted or desired. But they heard us and made changes to the bill.

    To pursue trying to change the text of the bill any further, may result in bad feelings and could hurt our relationship with the legislators at this point. The wise thing at this stage is to accept the bill as is, and attempt to refine the language in the next legislative season.

    In this way we will have more time to educate, inform and demonstrate our equipment and abilities, to foster a greater understanding of Amateur Radio. We will work hard to create that understanding and modify the law to be more accepting of amateur radio.

    We would like to specifically thank Senators Dean Rhodes (R-Elko) and Senator Don Gustavson (R-Washoe) for their hard fought battle to effect change in this bill. They really went to bat for Amateur Radio!

    The Nevada Section Leadership wants to recognize the efforts of Nevada's hams in the letter writing campaign and e-mails. It really made the difference. Without your efforts, who knows where we would be today.

    Please be assured, that your Nevada Leadership Team will stay focused and attentive to the needs of the Amateur Radio operators of Nevada!

    Tim O'Shea - KY7Y
    Nevada Section State Government Liaison

    Section Manager's Post Script: Chris Imlay - W3KD, ARRL General Counsel has been very helpful in deciphering the language of this bill, applying FCC Case Law and how it could be interpreted in court, should the need arise. His opinions were relied upon heavily in determining that we could live with the language in its present state. Our thanks go out to him.

    We will keep you up to date as any news emerges on this legislation.

    Joe - N7JEH

    See the text of the revised SB140 here:

    April 17, 2011


    Nevada Legislature


    Amateur Radio!!

    Our State Government Liason Tim O'Shea KY7Y writes: This is an important issue, one that affects every Amateur Radio Operator in Nevada. As you are aware, Don Carlson and I (and others) went to Carson City and made statements to the Senate Transportation Committee on the new proposed "Cell Phone Ban While Driving" legislation. The law was very vague and the language of the bill left open the possibility that the use of mobile amateur radio might be called into question. We made our case for the committee so well, that they asked us to provide them with language for an exemption for amateur radio, which we provided.

    The Senate (SB140) committee just voted on the law and they have made some amendments that will make it illegal for hams to operate most mobile radios. The law in part states that two way radios are OK to operate. The wrench in the works in that the new amendment would make it illegal to use any two way radio that can be controlled via the microphone. This includes most amateur mobile radios. Since most commercial and CB radios do not have this functionality, this seems like an attack on amateur radio itself, even though there is no record, anywhere, that demonstrates that amateur radio use causes any accidents.

    The Nevada Assembly in AB151 failed to address amateur radio at all. The only exemption made was for Nevada Utility companies and their two way radios.

    I have created 3 letter templates to sent to your state Senator, and two for your assembly persons. One assembly letter is directed to male assemblymen and the other to female assemblywomen. The Nevada Section Leadership of the ARRL urges ALL amateur radio operators to use the letter templates and write your representatives. Your ability to operate amateur radio from your vehicle depends on your immediate response. We have also asked the ARRL legal counsel and Regulatory Bureau to become involved and help us with this fight.

    To find your representatives name and address, check Once you've got and noted the names and addresses of your representatives (you will have one Assemblyman/woman and one Senator, a total of two representatives), the letters (in PDF format) are available at the following links: Assembyman LetterAssembywoman Letter and  Senator Letter. Alternate sources for the letters are Assemblyman LetterAssemblywomen Letter and  Senator Letter.

    Thanks for your attention, and please, please, please write your Senators on SB140 and your Assembly persons on AB151.

    Tim O'Shea KY7Y
    Nevada State Government Liaison

    (ed note - If you have the time, write out your letter by hand because that looks a lot less like a form letter and even less like "astroturf". Legislators recognize form letters and astroturf for what they are and weigh the inputs accordingly. Don't forget that telephone calls and personal visits are also effective ways of influencing your representatives. 73 de wb6w)

    FARS logo goes here April 14, 2011 - New Nevada QSO Parties - The Frontier Amateur Radio Society (FARS) is pleased to present the 2011 Nevada QSO Party.

    The Nevada QSO Party was founded by FARS. However, for the past few years it has been administered by a couple of different groups and most recently has become known as the Nevada Mustang Round-Up. The administration of the NQP has recently been passed back to FARS.

    We are pleased to announce the creation of the "Silver State Series" a collection of three contests associated with our state.

    Nevada is proud to be a part of the 7th Call Area and a participating state in the 7th Area QSO Party, the first event in the series. We urge all Nevada hams to get on the air May 7-8 and support the 7QP.

    The second event in the series is our own state QSO party the Nevada Mustang Round-Up. It takes off for 24 hours the following weekend on May 14th.

    The Silver State Series is rounded out on September 10th with the first running of the new "Nevada High Noon Shootout". The Shootout is a fast paced "sprint" type of event.

    Full details of all the events are located at the new Nevada QSO Party website Please let your members know of this site.

    High quality plaques will be awarded to the winners in each category. Equally high quality certificates will be sent to the high score in each state, providence, and DXCC entity.

    FARS invites your radio club to join in the planning, promotion, and co-sponsorship of the Nevada QSO Party events.

    We are looking forward to hearing you on the air next month.

    John H. Bigley-N7UR
    Frontier Amateur Radio Society
    Las Vegas, NV

    ARES logo goes here April 14, 2011 - ARES SEC Monthly Report for March 2011 - We are now processing registrations for the 2011 EMCOMMWEST Convention in Reno, in May. Registration is CURRENTLY OPEN at however ADVANCE REGISTRATION CLOSES ON FRIDAY APRIL 29, so HURRY! Mike Corey, W5MPC Emergency Response Planning Manager from HQ in Newington will be our keynote speaker, and former League President Jim Haynie, W5JBP will be joining us from Dallas as our featured banquet speaker. Jim is one of the most inspirational speakers ever, so please don't miss this opportunity to hear him. Lots of great forums will be offered as well as our traditional ARES cabinet meeting, and the NV Section ARES leadership meeting.

    We have lots to discuss as we prepare to do our next update on the Section Emergency Plan, and need input from every corner of the state.

    We still have no resolution on the pending bills in the NV legislature regarding our exemption request from the cell phone bills in both the Assembly and Senate. I would like to thank those who worked hard to help us make our presentations, including SM Joe Giraudo, N7JEH; NW District PIO, Tim O Shea, KY7Y, and Clark County EC, Bill Smith, W7HMV and ASEC Dick Creley, KJ7UK who all provided lots of needed input. We will let everyone know once the final bill(s) have become law and how we would be impacted.

    Speaking of Tim O Shea, KY7Y, congratulations to Tim on his appointment as our new State Government Liaison (SGL), a position which has been vacant for many years. Thanks Tim for joining our leadership team in this important roll, especially with the state legislature currently in session.

    Don't forget to check in on our statewide ARES nets: HF on Saturday morning at 0800 on 3.965 mhz. and Thursday evening for the VOIP Net, using IRLP/Echolink at 1900. If you do not have a local repeater on node 9258 to access, you may log in via echolink NV-gate 152566. That's it for now, see you all at EMCOMMWEST, and 73! -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM Nevada Section EC.


    Nye county EC Gerry, KC6ILH: March came in like a Lamb and went out like a Lion. So now that we are having more snow in April. Lets have a good Easter and get ready for hot weather. Don't Forget EMCOMMWEST!

    Clark county EC Bill, W7HMV: It was a very quiet month in Clark County. Our next quarterly meeting is Saturday, April 23. As for me, March will be here before we all know it. Looking forward to seeing everyone up at EMCOMM WEST (and maybe even having some of Don's chili).

    NORTHWEST DISTRICT REPORT - As we prepare for spring, planning is underway in several areas for drills and exercises. If there is one in a neighboring county, and you would like to participate for some good training, please contact the EC in that county to sign up and help. Remember that these training exercises and events help to hone our skills and it doesn t have to be in your own county for you to participate. I know the EC s would appreciate the extra help.

    Paul Wilcoxen, KE7CRZ has stepped down as Churchill County EC as he moves to a new location out of the county. We will be doing a search for a new EC in the area, more on this as it unfolds. Thank you Paul for your years of service to us. Looking forward to seeing most of you at EMCOMMWEST in May as we have our NV Section ARES cabinet meeting. Don't forget to register soon, as the advance registration ends on April 29th. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM NW District EC and NV Section Emergency Coordinator.

    Douglas/Carson City, Dale Yanz, KJ6IX, EC - Comments: As the days are starting to change to warmer weather partcipation should be on the increase. The month of March was a good month. The monthly DCART meeting was a great show and tell as Mr. Ron Sagen Manger of Douglas County 911, had the mobile 900 unit there. This a fully contained emergency dispatch unit, What a show in tell. Dick Crealy KJ7UK held training on "The Incident Command System" Introduction and History that went very well. DCART performed a call up exercise to see how many dcart members that could be reached and if they could respond. Out of 33 members we had 18 that did participate in the callup and simulate for assignments. Upon completion, 911 dispatch did a reverse call up to all members that went very well. DCART know has a new member KF7MYL Loraine of Carson City. Welcome Aboard.

    Churchill County EC, Paul Wilcoxen, KE7CRZ Comments: No report this month. See DEC comments above.

    Washoe County EC Bob Miller, WA6MTY Comments: March 2nd, attended the Broken Wing planning meeting. We are requested to provide communications between the Family Assistant Center and the hospitals. Four hospitals will participate, Renown, Renown South Meadows, and Northern Nevada Medical Center. ARES Training March 5th, Captain Mark Regan of SIERRA Fire District was our guest speaker. Captain Mark Regan gave us fire safety training. Captain Regan said that occasionally they have communications problems for the fire crews and would like us to be able to support their communications needs. So during the fire evacuation exercise on April 30th, we will have the opportunity to train with Sierra Fire crews if we are needed. March 11th, attended the Inter Hospital Coordinating Council meeting. March 13th Tom K5RC requested mutual aid from WCARES to provide communications with Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. Thanks to Tim KY7Y, Lon Beal AE7Z, Kati Karsten K7KTK, Tom Tobacco KE7NCL (Lyon County ARES) , Lief Stensrud KF7AMY, Kati Stensrud K7KTI, Chris Robison KE7QYF, Bob Miller WA6MTY, Tim O Shea KY7Y, March 18th, attended the Broken Wing exercise meeting at the Hyatt Hotel, Family Assistance Center location. March 24th, attended the Washoe School District Mass Casualty Exercise- "Broken Axle" Mid Term Planning meeting

    Pershing County Ed Maynard, KE7QHM Comments: I went to Humbolt County for a Ham Cram and test as a VE. All four canidates passed. There has been not contact with Pershing County Officials.

    Humboldt County Pete Johnsen, Comments: HC ARES conducted a test session which resulted in 4 new hams in northern Nevada. Began preliminary planning for Field Day.

    NORTHEAST DISTRICT REPORT - - No Report this month.

    ARES logo goes here March 15, 2011 - ARES SEC Monthly Report for February 2011 - in vehicles. At the conclusion of the hearing, Vice Chair Senator Michael Schneider asked us to provide them with our own amendment for them to consider, which we did. Now in March we will begin the same process with the Assembly version, AB-151. Many thanks to all who took the time to write their legislators with regard to the need for Amateur Radio to be exempt from inclusion in this bill. We would also appreciate your writing the Assembly members now to encourage their support of our exemption as well. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM Nevada Section EC.

    SOUTHERN DISTRICT REPORT- - Jay Peskin, KE7EGO, DEC Comments: As Bill attests, we attended the hearing on SB-140 down here in Vegas and listened to Don, KQ6FM, as he presented amateur radio's case for an exemption. All I can say is , Well Done Don! I recorded it on my "smart phone" and sent a copy to Don. Currently, Jeff, KC7PK is trying to figure out how to get it put on our website. I'll let everyone know what he comes up with. And speaking of Jeff, he put on a great on-the air drill which Bill will talk about.

    Clark county EC Bill (W7HMV) Comments: Our AEC for Training, Jeff Green, KC7PK, put together an on-the-air drill on Feb 26. The drill simulated an earthquake causing signifcant damage to a section of the city with resulting utitlity outages. The drill lasted 2.5 hours followed by an over-the-air hotwash. We learned some lessons and will make some adjustments to some of our plans and procedures. I also assisted our SEC, Don Carlson, KQ6FM in preparing his testimony before the Nevada Senate Committee on Transportation concerning Senate Bill 140 and our concerns about amateur radio, with emphasis on ARES/RACES, being an unintended target of the proposal banning the use of handheld wireless devices while operating a vehicle. Jay Peskin, KE7EGO, our DEC and I attended the hearing as it was video-conferenced to Las Vegas. I also submitted letters to the Committee members and to my State Senators and Assemblyman.

    Nye County EC Gerry (KC6ILH) Comments: Has been a nice month. Keep you batteries charged and check your spare one too. Change of weather soon, so start thinking of your water supply for summer.

    Esmeralda county EC Bob, W7WOW: Not much going on in Nevada's least populated county, less than 900 people. I live 3 miles South of Dyer, NV. in Fish Lake Valley. I am the only ham here with a permanent H.F. Station. We have 5 other hams in the valley but they are not very active (yet). I make the ARES HF Net 3.965 most of the time. I hear Las Vegas, Reno, & Elko pretty well and am able to relay for them. I have a 65 foot tower and currently run wire antennas. I also am HF, VHF, & UHF capable as a mobile. I also run 2M and have a 75 CM repeater on Miller Mountain (35 miles North of Dyer) that covers Fish Lake Valley & some of North Tonopah. I am testing a 2M repeater and will probably move it to Miller Mt. in the Spring. I am able to hit the Bishop, CA. 146.94 repeater as well as 146.79 Cory Pk. near Hawthorne, NV. This one also has a link to Elko. My projects in the works are:
    1. Emergency Power the Station from solar charged batteries.
    2. Get APRS up & running.
    3. Get a Packet station up & running.
    4. Possibly put an APRS digipeater on Miller Mt.

    NORTHWEST DISTRICT REPORT - Pretty quiet month, except for the weather, which proved to be much more winter-like than the mild January we had. Fairly quiet month with the exception of some legislative action. It seems that the Nevada Senate Transportation Committee is considering SB-140 which would in effect ban the use of cell phones and texting while driving in our state, which I have covered in my SEC report for this month. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM NW District EC and NV Section Emergency Coordinator.

    Douglas/Carson City, Dale Yanz, KJ6IX, EC - Comments: DCART had no February callouts or formal activities for Douglas or Alpine Counties. We will be working and planning with the Tahoe Amateur Radio Association in preparation for the yearly Alpine County bicycle events.

    Churchill County EC, Paul Wilcoxen, KE7CRZ Comments: I attended the Churchill County Local Emergency Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday March 1st. There was a presentation on areas of HazMat within the county and the types of material present at those sites. In addition there was a briefing on the upcoming exercise Operation ARCO which will be conducted by Naval Air Station Fallon on May 6th 2011. This will be a full scale field exercise to include response by all local and state agencies. Our ARES group will participate in this exercise by request of our local agencies.

    Washoe County EC Bob Miller, WA6MTY Comments: February 5th held our monthly training where Doug KA7FOO continued with message handling workshop. Kevin KE7BQX. February 10th attended the after action meeting for the Rotary Family Flu shot/WC Health District POD exercise. Jeff Whitesides and Dr. Todd KE7QHN reviewed the overall operations, what went well and what needs improvement. Overall the parking garage at UNR worked perfectly as a drive through POD. February 11th attended the Inter Hospital Coordinating Council where we discussed pending goals for the training of hospital personnel. Some of their goals include ARES as follows: HAM Radio Training & Communication Exercise during the May 25, 2011 - Airport Exercise Broken Wing ; June 22, 2011 Bureau of Reclamation Flood Exercise; July 27, 2011 WC School District Exercise. Quarterly Inter-op communication test (HAM radio/Satellite phones etc.). February 14th attended the planning meeting for Broken-Wing. The director of Airside Operations and Communications wants us to provide communications between the Family Assistance Center and the participating hospitals tracking victims on behalf of the Red Cross. February 19th, WADG and SNARS put on a One Day Ham Cram where we had 8 attendees for the Technician and 4 for the General and all passed, a 100% success rate.

    Pershing County Ed Maynard, KE7QHM Comments: I went into Reno with Dick KD7MIO for SNARS and WC ENCOM training. I went to the LEPSE meeting at Pershing County and talked with the EMERGECY MANAGER and the head of the SAR group also, talked with the County Commissioners. I left my card and they are going to contact me (4 Weeks ago). I went up to Humbolt County ARES for training.

    Humboldt County Pete Johnsen, Comments: Humboldt County ARES met on February 19. Dick- KD7MIO provided a presentation on Directed Net Fundamentals- Operating a Tactical Radio Net . Humboldt County ARES will be conducting a test session on March 26 at the Humboldt County Library starting at 0900.

    Lyon County, Patty Polish, KE7JIO EC. Comments: This report covers the months of January and February. The Lyon County ARES group has been training on message handling and how to fill out the ICS form 213, and some served agencies communications forms. In addition, a few of us participated in a radio direction finding (rdf) training and exercise with the Lyon County Sheriff's Search and Rescue. Our plan is to schedule a rabbit hunt our selves this summer. Hope all have a great St Patricks Day. Don't eat too much corned beef :-)

    NORTHEAST DISTRICT REPORT - - No Report this month.

    Nevada section logo goes here March 3, 2011 - State Government Liaison Appointment - Tim O'Shea, KY7Y has taken on the mantle of State Government Liaison for the Nevada Section. He has already been extremely helpful in the work being done at this year's Nevada Legislature. It looks like we have several bills going through the legislature this year, so he will be busy! The section really appreciates Tims stepping up to take this on. It has been many years since we have had an SGL in Nevada. Hopefully Tim will upload up a photo of himself onto the profile so the section can see his smiling face on the ARRL HQ website. Congratulations Tim!

    ARES logo goes here February 10, 2011 - ARES SEC Monthly Report for January 2011 - - After what turned out to be a busy December, we welcomed a little down time in January to start the new year off. I had the chance to attend the Clark County ARES/RACES meeting in Las Vegas, where I was able to meet with Glenn, Jay, Bill, Jerry and the southern crew. While there we did an appointment swap which saw our DEC, Glenn Hale KB7REO trade places with ADEC Jay Peskin, KE7EGO. I did not know until that time that Glenn had held the post for more than 12 years, so it is with mixed emotions that I see them trade. Glenn has done so much for the ARRL Nevada Section, I would find it hard to write about it and stay brief. On the otherhand, he is well do for a nice, relaxing rest so thank you Glenn for all you ave done for us. He will still be in leadership as our ADEC in the Southern District. We also welcome Jay, KE7EGO to the DEC spot, where we know that he too will shine an make us all look so good. Gearing up for the 2011 EMCOMMWEST Convention in Reno, in May. Registration will be available shortly at so check the site for all information coming soon. We will again conduct our ARES cabinet meeting, along with a NV Section Cabinet meeting. This year s ARRL guest keynote speaker will be Mike Corey, W5MPC, the Emergency Response planning coordinator from HQ in Newington, CT. We are still looking for speakers and forum presenters, vendors and especially volunteers. To inquire, please address emails to Thanks again to all for your tremendous service efforts to us. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM Nevada Section EC.

    SOUTHERN DISTRICT REPORT- Jay Peskin, KE7EGO, DEC - So.Nye County - Gerry, KC6ILH, EC - They did one of their HAM Cram classes and had nine out of ten pass. Included where three from Tonopah Hospital. Be ready for the rest of winter. Suppose to be cold. That means check your battires due to the fact they don't like cold.

    Clark County - Bill, W7HMV, EC - January was a quiet month for us, with no activations and only our regularly scheduled nets. However, we did have our first membership meeting of the year on January 22 with 39 members attending. Our guests were Irene Navis, the recently-appointed Emergency Management Director for Clark County, and Don Carlson, KQ6FM, our SEC. Irene gave an overview of her duties, responsibilities, challenges and accomplishments and answered questions from our members. Irene was the first Clark County EMD to visit with us and she impressed us all. Don spoke and gave us an overview of ARES activities in the Nevada Section and updated us on the hospital program. We also formed a group to study the feasibility of using D-STAR and packet capabilities to enhance our abilities. Glenn, KB7REO, ADEC and Randy, W7AER are in the process of setting up a training session on D-Star and on programming a D-Star radio for the Clark County ARES/RACES group. The date is not yet confirmed but it will be in March.

    NORTHWEST DISTRICT REPORT - Don Carlson, KQ6FM, DEC - By the time you read this, Dale KJ6IX will have taken over the EC duties from Shiela, KA7AJQ who has done such a tremendous job as our Douglas County EC. Shiela, we can t thank you enough for all you have done for us. Also this month I am sad to report, we lost one of the long-time giants of Northwest Nevada, as Gary Altig, N7UVL became a SK. Gary was a long-time board member of SNARS Club, VP of the WADG Club locally, a former DEC and helped establish NVOAD in the area. He was a historian personified, who s recollection of ham radio activities around the area was second to none. My wife Judy, KE6GIW said that there will be a huge hole in the registration desk staff at EMCOMMWEST this year, since Gary has been a most dedicated worker and a huge help to her and all of us at the event. He was also Vice President of EMCOMMWEST, Inc. at the time of his passing. Gary will be missed by one and all. 73 -- Don Carlson, KQ6FM NV Section Emergency Coordinator.

    Douglas/Carson City, Dale Yanz, KJ6IX, EC - Comments: Would like to welcome Dale Yanz KJ6IX to the Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART), Position of EC. It was a slow month as for we had no activation of DCART during this reporting period.

    Churchill County EC, Paul Wilcoxen, KE7CRZ - No report received this month.

    Washoe County EC Bob Miller, WA6MTY - January 8th ARES TRAINING SESSION Dan KD7HLR was our guest speaker and gave a presentation on the WCARES call out procedure aka. Telephone Tree. Tim KY7Y gave the status of our training requirements and the status of EMCOMM-1 Training. Level 1 training is on hold until the program is updated. Doug KA7FOO gave a formal message handling class. We began taking new photos for our ID badges with bold colored backgrounds to differentiate the level of training completed by each ARES Team member. RED for Entry Level training, BLUE for Intermediate and GREEN for Full Level training. January 14th I attended the annual IHCC breakfast meeting at St Mary's hospital were we reviewed the IHCC accomplishments for 2010 and the goals for 2011. January 15th We issued some of Dr. Randy Todd s Washoe Health District, WebEOC/Hamlink Systems to. T January 19th BROKEN WING PLANNING MEETING REOC This was the preliminary planning meeting for the airport tri-annual exercise. January 21st I gave a presentation to the Sunrise Rotary Club on Amateur Radio and ARES. Planned Exercises for 2011 in Washoe County are as follows: April 30th Sierra Fire Protection District Evacuation Exercise; May 25th is Broken Wing, Reno Tahoe Airport tri annual exercise; June 22nd Bureau of Reclamation Exercise a Dam Break exercise; July 27th 0800-1200 Broken Axle Washoe County School District, school bus crash exercise; October TBD - Washoe Health District/Rotary Club Point of Dispensing (POD) Event. Pershing County Ed Maynard, KE7QHM Comments: I went up to Humbolt County ARES for training on PACKET Radio and EMCOM trainig. Both classes were excelent. I talked with the Pershing County Hospital administrator and she indicates they are moving along with the new radio station but had to fix the exising radio system. Thanks to the Humbolt County EC W7TKO my Packet station is up and running.

    Humboldt County Pete Johnsen, Comments: Humboldt County ARES met on January 29 at the Humboldt County Library. Dick KD7MIO presented "Basic Operator Course - Unit 2 Alerting and Mobilization Procedures". Barry W7BOM conducted packet training to include live demonstration. Assisted Ed KE7QHM with his packet station. The Humboldt County ARES/RACES PBBS (HCARES)is now live on 145.010. W7TKO and W7BOM are now using Outpost to drop and retrieve messages on the local PBBS. Will provide training during the February ARES meeting.

    Lyon County, Patty Polish, KE7JIO EC. Comments: No report received this month.

    NORTHEAST DISTRICT REPORT - - No Report this month.

    ARES logo goes here January 22, 2011 - New ARES DEC and ADEC - SEC Don Carlson visited Las Vegas for the monthly Clark county ARES/RACES meeting. After the meeting it was decided that Glenn KB7REO and Jay, KE7EGO would "switch appointments". Effective immediatley, Glenn will become Southern District ADEC, and Jay will become Southern District DEC. Glenn announced this on the NV ARES HF net on Saturday. Don will be changing the script for the IRLP Net script to reflect this and get it sent it out the the NCS guys this week. Congratulations to both Glenn and Jay as they assume their new responsibilities.

    Nevada section logo goes here January 21, 2011 - Section Website Updated - Ye webmaster has a bit of time on his hands and has made some changes in the design of the website. Have a look - uhhh... you are looking at it now. The changes are small. They deal mostly with some petty annoyances that have been in the site since we first went on line in 2005. There may be a few additional changes in the future that might improve the look of the site. - 73 de WB6W

    Nevada section logo goes here January 11, 2011 - Section calender Updated - The section calender has (finally!) been updated for 2011. Club officers please review your meeting dates in the calender to ensure they are correct. Please report the inevitable screwup to your humble webmaster,

    ARRL logo goes here January 11, 2011 - New Official Observer Coordinator for Nevada section - Gary Grant K7VY is the new Official Observer Coordinator and head of the FCC Auxillary in Nevada. The OO/FCC Auxillary is a program to provide the self regulation that the Amateur radio service is noted for. OO's monitor the Ham bands for less than adequate quality signals and poor operating practices. These are not in any way "band cops". They provide a service to the Ham who may not be aware that their transmitted signals are less than adequate or operating procedures poor. OO's will quietly communicate with the station in question, the goal being to improve signals and operating procedutes with a minimum of fuss. Most stations contacted by an OO are not aware that there is an issue with their station and are more than happy to make the appropriate corrections.The very few cases of people who repeatedly violate FCC regulations in spite of OO advice are investigated and the data collected turned over to the FCC for their consideration.

    Being an OO is not all pointing out what's wrong. It's also about acknowledging Hams who do have conspicuously superior operations. OO's can send official "Good Guy" reports to stations who, in the OO's opinion, have displayed superior operating technique or on the air demeanor.

    Like other appointments in the ARRL Field Service, OOs are volunteers who serve without pay. Their goal is to improve Amateur radio for us all and are not interested in personal recognition. OOs need to have a combination of technical experience and the maturity to present advice to stations with problems in such away that it will be taken as constructive criticism and not as a personal attack.

    If you would like to become an OO, the path starts out the same as any other ARRL Field Services appointment. You need to contact the Section Manager (Joe Giraudo, N7JEH at or the Official Observer Coordinator (Gary Grant, K7VY at They will talk with you and decide if you have what it takes to be an OO. Not everybody has the required mixture of talents. If they approve, the Section Manager will send the OO appointment the ARRL HQ. At that point, the process diverges from the usual appointment process. ARRL HQ will send you the appropriate OO reference material along with a written test to be completed and returned to Newington. The test is open book and a passing score is required to become a member of the FCC Auxilliary. All OOs are also members of the FCC Auxillary and vice versa. If you pass, welcome abord!

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